Indonesian Culture and Politics

Developing knowledge and understanding of key Indonesian words is a great way to investigate the political and cultural trends of this rising country. With the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia is a fascinating hotbed of cultural and political movements which are little understood by everyday Australians.

Courses run on a two-year cycle:

  • Year A - Unit 1: Youth, Media, and Performance
  • Year B - Unit 2: Political Performance.


This course is open to:

  • students who have never studied Indonesian before
  • those who have in the past, or are currently studying, the language
  • those who have a heritage knowledge of the language

The course aims to teach a very limited vocabulary of Indonesian keywords that offer students a window into the politics and culture of the country. Students who have recently lived in Indonesia for a significant period of time are not able to take the course. 

Format of classes

Weekly 2-hour sessions, plus one full-day workshop at ANU.

Regular class activities include:

  • web-based translation demonstrations,
  • guided research sessions,
  • performance-based activities,
  • discussions of set readings, and
  • guest lectures.

Further information about Indonesian Culture and Politics is available from the School of Culture, History & Language.

Studied individually