Discovering Engineering

A black remote controlled car in muddy grass

Discovering Engineering focuses on the two keys elements of engineering, technology and application. In Year 11, engineering technology is explored through the design and construction of an autonomous remote controlled car. Students build the sub-systems covering electronics, software, wireless communication, energy and manufacturing, linking background theory to hands-on construction of the different elements. In Year 12, the application of engineering and technology is examined with students exploring newer disciplines and with a focus on emerging research, culminating in a capstone project where students design and prototype technological solutions in an entrepreneurial setting.

Throughout the course, different engineering disciplines are explored through research-led guest workshops across fields within engineering including materials, biomedical engineering and solar energy. The course caters for students who have an interest in and aptitude for engineering, design, science, and maths and is offered as a way to deepen and broaden their understanding of engineering.

Enrolled in Mathematics Methods, dependent on a recommendation from your home college and a consideration of other courses in which you are enrolled.