Continuing Chinese

Person writing kanji characters

Language is about communication. Culture is about understanding. Developing our skills in Chinese language and strengthening our understanding of Chinese culture are the aims of the Continuing Chinese program.

Courses run on a 2-year cycle:

  • Unit 1: Exploring Chinese characters and words
  • Unit 2: Chinese reading and writing in context

Format of classes

Weekly 2-hour sessions, plus cultural activities / guest speakers / workshops at ANU.

Regular class activities include:

  • student presentations;
  • peer critique;
  • quizzes and exams;
  • writing projects;
  • homework and journal/diary;
  • web-based discussion forum;
  • online speaking and reading practice.

Further information on the Japanese program is available from the School of Culture, History & Language.

Enrolled in at least continuing Chinese in Year 11 at your home college or a community school.